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The Art of Receiving For Money Flow

I am currently sitting in the Frankfurt airport waiting on my layover flight into Africa to host my very first retreat so I’m going to keep this short and sweet (because I’m about to board lol) but I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been playing with.

Yesterday I set an intention to be more in my divine feminine energy while on this trip a.k.a. in receiving mode. My human design chart actually shows that I have 75% feminine energy and 25% masculine in my particular design so although I’ve been taught to be more my masculine, I’m more feminine energy overall.

We’ve all heard that you can desire all the abundance but if you’re not truly open to receiving and allowing it in then it won’t come in with ease🤷🏽‍♀️.

I know I’ve heard that.

I’ve said it to clients.

But you all know that I don’t sugarcoat how much I continue to grow on this wealth journey as I guide my clients and I’ve had some real reflection lately on the fact that yes, I’ve been in receiving mode but from an angle that still has a touch of masculine “doing” included in it as I close out 20-money-2 for The Brave Way.

Being more in my feminine has looked like little things such as heartfelt gratitude for compliments, someone holding the elevator or helping me with my bags.

Making intentional eye contact with people to radiate and receive love (which is the frequency of abundance by the way). Little things.

And you know what,

I have been offered a free meal, a conversation has sprung for a potential business collaboration while in the boarding line and these are all things within the frequency of money and potential money overflow!

I realize that it’s the small shifts and inspired action we take every day that opens the spigot of money flow and this season for me is one of receiving and gratitude.

From my divine feminine.

Receiving and radiating love to the 7 beautiful women who have chosen to share their energy with me over the next several days.

How can you be more in receiving mode starting today?

It gets to be easy.

It gets to be orgasmic.

Receive with ease!

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note is all about my journey into more receiving energy & my little experiment I’m doing on the way to Africa for the upcoming retreat I’m hosting!

Want to join me in Italy in April? Click here for a sneak peek & more info. (By the way, for those that have reached out about the 2023 Goddess Tour, reply back to this email and I’ll put you on a waitlist for more information.❤️)

P.S. If you feel called to explore how embodying your human design shifts money blocks and allows for alignment, getting off the hamster wheel & prosperity with ease in your business, let’s do a private reading!

P.P.S. Can I feature you? I’m always looking for amazing female entrepreneurs to showcase and chat with on my Wealthy Woman By Design tv show! My guests and I have a ball while diving into your business, your money story and how embodying your human design has impacted your success! Comment below to be a guest!


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