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Meet Tierra

Tierra Womack MBA, founder of The Brave Way, is on a mission to empower 1,000,000 women to thrive after narcissistic abuse, regain their confidence and achieve financial freedom.


Tierra is passionate about helping women take their life back because she remembers what it was like to suffer in silence, feel like a shell of herself and want, more than anything, to take her power back but didn’t know how because she felt stuck in her relationship.  


As a best-selling author, international speaker & transformational coach, Tierra loves to inspire women to overcome lack of self-worth and elevate financially, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. 


Tierra has dedicated herself to teaching female surTHRIVErs of narcissistic abuse how to achieve wealth by creating profitable soul-based businesses, connect spiritually to become more fulfilled, discover their purpose & become a version of themselves that they are in love with!

The Brave Way is a multiplatform personal development business that provides tactics, resources and community for women to thrive after narcissistic abuse.  


Through a growing range of private coaching, courses, community and content, The Brave Way helps survivors of narcissistic abuse regain their confidence, find & connect with their purpose and achieve financial freedom by turning their expertise or passion into a successful business. 


Members of The Brave Way tribe learn how to harness the power of manifesting to envision and create a life that they are in love with.  The Brave Way is open to women of all ages, life stages and backgrounds, across the globe.    



 By participating in any The Brave Way products, programs, email series, website, and/or offers, you acknowledge that Tierra is not a licensed therapist, psychologist or health care professional. Tierra’s services do not replace therapy related services by a psychologist or health care professional. Coaching is in no way a substitute for the care of licensed health care professionals, therapy or other medical advice and Tierra offers her coaching recommendations with best intentions  and only a guarantee to provide the coaching services purchased as described. Tierra can not guarantee a specific individual’s results as this is a partnership coaching scenario that will vary based on the commitment of each client. All comments, verbiage and speech are Tierra’s opinions only.  

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