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Meet Tierra

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Tierra Womack MBA, best-selling author, radio host, speaker & founder of The Brave Way, is a serial, multi-platform mompreneur of 16 years whose businesses have generated over 7-figures.  


As a Business Growth Strategist, Confidence and Wealth coach, Tierra helps female solo entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level to generate more success while working less, for greater freedom and balance in their business.  


Tierra is passionate about helping women because she knows how challenging solo entrepreneurship can be from her own experiences as a successful business woman, and from the hundreds of female solo entrepreneurs she connects with. 

As an international speaker & transformational coach, Tierra loves to inspire women to overcome lack of self-worth and elevate financially, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. She has dedicated herself to teaching female solo entrepreneurs how to achieve greater success, freedom and happiness. 

The Brave Way is a multiplatform personal development business that provides proven strategies, tools, resources and community for female solopreneurs to gain their time back so they can live the freedom lifestyle they desire. 


Through a growing range of private coaching, courses, community and content, The Brave Way helps female entrepreneurs regain their time so they can stop trading time for money in their business.  


Members of The Brave Way tribe learn how to balance mindset & practical methods so they can live a life that they are in love with.  The Brave Way is open to women of all ages, life stages and backgrounds, across the globe. 


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