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What if you FINALLY stepped off the hamster wheel and...



  • Created harmony in your business?

  • Created from soul?

  • Gained perspective on your soul purpose rather than blindly chasing ambition & profits that someone else TOLD you you should be chasing?

  • Gained perspective on your goals and your life?


We’re so conditioned to the $10,000 month chase but…what happens after that?


Wouldn’t you rather have progress that doesn’t leave you overwhelmed and second guessing yourself?


Wouldn’t you rather have a business that is growing deep roots while also scaling high?

I KNOW you’ve been chasing those milestones…I KNOW you’ve been going month after month trying to hit the new milestone and the “right” target in business…and I also know you’re EXHAUSTED.


I know you’re exhausted and I know you’re on the hamster wheel because I was there…the 7 figure entrepreneur…exhausted and miserable.


And because I was there, I want to help you SLOW DOWN and build a business that’s not only fulfilling but LASTS.


I want to help you get in touch with your inner authority and build a business from soul. 


I want to help you build a business that means something to you rather than building a business based on what you think you 


NEED to do.

HAVE to do.



So many people are RUNNING right now.  

So many people are stuck on what to do next in their business.


You gave up the rat race but you gained a hamster wheel.


You may have given up the cage of corporate but you still feel like you’re in a cage as an entrepreneur that’s told alllll the things you have to “do” to be successful….


A cage of entrepreneurship that may be prettier, more lavish, filled with nice toys and prosperity…but STILL a cage nonetheless.


Well when you work with me, I’m going to help you SLOW DOWN.


I’m going to help you expand your business while fulfilling your purpose and STILL prosper without the overwhelm.


If you’re ready to shift from an exhausted entrepreneur to a fulfilled anti-hustle millionaire who creates success with ease then click here and let’s do this!


Are you ready to reclaim your time, feel more aligned and let your business work for you instead of feeling like you work for your business?

A wealthy woman by design
begins here!

The Brave Method VIP Day

Dive into a half or full day intensive where I create a step by step plan for putting time freedom and balance back into your business so you can enjoy the success you've created.

We will uncover and shift money sabotaging habits, find creative ways to integrate your Human Design into your business for more alignment and outline a VIP model in your business that allows you to work less while earning more!

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TBW Human Design Readings

Are you ready to NOT only be successful but also FULFILLED in your business?  Having an understanding of your Human Design & Gene Keys foundation is the key you need to go from being an exhausted entrepreneur to a fulfilled anti-hustle millionaire who creates success with ease.


Our Human Design Readings are private sessions with Tierra designed to help you quickly assess the key areas in your business you can shift today out of hustle & overwhelm into

money flow & alignment!

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