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What Is
Human Design & Gene Keys?

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In a nutshell, these modalities quickly discern who you came here to be…your soul purpose.  These methods are used for you to step in to your highest potential and gain clarity around how you can best utilize your business as a gift for more impact while also learning how you best move with money, including how you specifically can bring more prosperity into your life. 


If you have taken a peek at Human Design and/or Gene Keys in the past, you know it can be a very complex system which is why I choose to specifically guide you to see aspects of your life such as:


  • The best ways for you to move with money & how to create prosperity in your business with ease.

  • Who are the best types for you to hire to fulfill your mission instead of hiring just to hire & fulfill a need.

  • How to uncover distractions in your life that will keep you from achieving your goals.

  • Who you are most compatible with in business and life so your relationships can flourish.

  • Learning your body’s way of telling you instantly when you are out of alignment and how to shift into your design/gen(e)ius.

  • Your life purpose and how to decondition from generational bullshit that is stopping you from reaching your next level.

  • How you best process information and make decisions.


And SO much more.

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