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The Brave Way Daily Planner & Creatrix Playbook

I had no idea how much codepency and money sabotaging habits I carried until I was knee deep in the bs (belief system).


Creating a system to keep track of my daily inspired actions, thought patterns

and the embodiment I desired was the foundation for me to rebuild my wealth,

scaling a business from 0 to a little over 6 figures in a year while also rebuilding my worth.

Seeing the sabotage. Understanding the triggers for imposter syndrome, inner critic, fear etc etc. I dealt with daily along the journey.

My clients have loved pieces of the playbook I've shared with them and I know this small but mighty planner has changed my life.

As this was built organically, it will continue to evolve so please check back from time to time for updated versions you can find at and Amazon or

when you need to reorder.


Sending you so much love!


Be well, Be wealthy,


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