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Rebuild after narc abuse


For those of you who are familiar with my story, I make it no secret that I’ve been in two long term narcissistic abusive relationships that made me a shell of myself at the time. 


The day I decided to take my power back (trust me…this wasn’t pretty by any means.  In fact, I was rolling around my bed crying my little eyes out because I couldn’t take anymore and was sick of wearing my “pillar in the community” mask so please know that I’m not trying to make this sound “easy”)...but I digress.

This pivotal day, I walked away from it all.  


7 figure home, life and business…all the things that made me stay in the first place.  The safety of money.  Of a lifestyle that I had so perfectly curated to hide what was going on behind closed doors. Left it all behind for peace of mind.


On this journey of rebuilding, I decided that if I HAVE to rebuild, I might as well do it my way!  

I might as well do it big, in a way that lights me up.  

From a place of getting back to me since I had worn a mask for so long, I no longer remembered who “she” really was. 


I decided that I might as well heal money trauma while I was healing my other trauma so that I can get over the fear of being broke starting over from 0.  

I might as well have fun since I have to rebuild anyway!  Right??

This led me to sharing my story with women and having conversations with other very successful women & women from all walks of life in fact, who secretly disclosed to me that they too had been with a narcissist but were terrified that they wouldn’t be able to rebuild…this turned into The Brave Way coaching and wa-lah (I think that’s how you spell it haha) we are today!

One of the most important things for me was getting to a place of worthiness.  


Feeling worthy to be happy.  



Wealthy AF. 


Able to live an orgasmic life.


And a big piece of this was understanding what parts in my human design allowed in conditioning and limiting beliefs that I wasn’t worthy.  

That attracted narcissists to me or led me to be attracted to narcissists…all very fascinating stuff!  


As I dug deeper, SO much was revealed to me.  


All of this is to say…it’s very lovely to rebuild from a place where all you’ve known was a healthy love your whole life.


It’s a whole other beast rebuilding from a trauma-filled place.  


It just looks different and that’s why it’s so important for me to always hold space for women going through or who have gone through the same journey of rebuilding after narcissistic abuse as I have.  Resources I share are what helped me get through so basically I have been my #1 client.  I know they work not only for me but clients I have shared them with as well.  


Sending so much love to you as you create the next chapter of your life!  Know that you truly deserve to have joy, love, abundance, happiness and pleasure beyond anything you could ever imagine!


With love, 


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