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Who TBW Human Design Readings Are For

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Female entrepreneurs who:

  1. Have created a successful business but may feel like they are being pulled in too many directions.  

  2. Are seeking clarity around their purpose, direction and next steps for how to create a life that they are in love with which includes balance in their business.

  3. Are seeking private one-on-one coaching but may be unsure of what their next steps need to be.

  4. Want to get back to their original passion & purpose in their business, aligning with their life vision and goals, to create an inspired action plan that achieves the freedom lifestyle they want.


TBW Human Design Readings are customized and unique to each and every client. Let me support you in your journey following the success you've created in your life and get started today living a life you love.  This session includes a foundational integration of your Human Design and Gene Keys (click here to learn more about these life changing modalities).

To book Tierra for speaking engagements, corporate coaching or other events, please email

TBW Human Design Readings


TBW Human Design Readings are private sessions with Tierra designed to help you start putting freedom and alignment back in your business. On this interactive call, Tierra will assess your current business situation with you, and help you create a step by step action plan that you can use TODAY to balance time & financial freedom in your business using mindset techniques and unique business strategies.


What you receive with TBW Human Design Readings:

  1. A quick and simple assessment of your current business to help you get clear on your goals and how to align with your soul purpose through your human design integration.

  2. Experienced guidance and insight about how to reclaim time back into your business & freedom back into your life.

  3. Help with seeing where any mindset blocks and limiting beliefs may be preventing you from scaling your business.

  4. Additional guidance and insight specific to you and your goals.

  5. Discount on The Brave Way VIP Day Method private coaching program for female entrepreneurs.

  6. Special access to new programs, teachings and other TBW services and products.

  7. Automatic free access to The Brave Way Tribe community. 


The Brave Way Corporate Coaching

Get powerful coaching with Tierra around areas such as sales, leadership & confidence tailored to your specific company needs. 

Interested in corporate coaching with Tierra?  Email to inquire. 
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