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Most people take lifetimes or at the very least years to get to a point where they feel like they have not only found their purpose but LIVE in their purpose.

We quantum leap over here!

I want to get to the nitty-gritty of your human design in 11 days. 


Now don’t get me wrong, you still have integration to do after 11 days together but I promise you, your life will be TRANSFORMED after understanding how to:

  • fully embody your human design for more alignment in your life

  • use your human design in your business for money flow with ease

  • shift your money story and claim your birthright of prosperity!

Untitled design (11).png

You will feel validated knowing you don't have to chase all the shiny things to make your business successful. 


I’ve done human design readings for so many women and I literally watch them transform in a second. 


I literally watch them release so much uncertainty just by me pointing out their unfair advantage that they always felt but they didn’t quite know how to put their finger on! 


What we will do together over the next 11 days is powerful!

What you will discover about yourself is going to blow your mind! 


This is for those of you who have never heard of human design or may have had a reading before but it was just information. 


Every day we will break down a part of your chart that directly ties into your money story and how to bring more money flow into your life with ease . 


There will also be an embodiment piece daily so you can see what shifts occur when you apply your human design to live a life of ease and money overflow in your business.

Human design helps you remember who you are so you can learn to trust yourself completely. 

Embodying your human design validates your next moves in life & helps you step into alignment in all areas of your life while claiming your birthright of prosperity that we are all born with! 

Human design is your unfair advantage to allow money flow to move in your business and life with ease instead of the tightness of being on the hamster wheel and chasing another “$30K in 30 days“ strategy or funnel. 

Human design uncovers and gives you your EXACT life purpose and I’m not talking about some 70°, move 3 steps to the right of the sun shit. 

I’m talking about THIS is your life purpose. Written out. AND this is how you were created to fulfill it. 

To live a life in:

  • Alignment. 

  • Balance. 

  • Freedom. 

  • Pleasure. 

Without being overwhelmed feeling like you have to figure out ALL the things in life you THINK you should be doing. 

Alignment is about simplicity in your life when it’s understood because you get to remove all the BS and limiting beliefs or money blocks you’ve learned from your parents, community, society. 

All the limiting beliefs and blocks you carry from generations before you that you may not even be aware of. 

You get to release all of that and get back to you. 

The most prosperous version of yourself that’s been within you the entire time.


I always say that a lot of information without the integration & embodiment is pointless. 


I’ve lived it.


I’ve seen it. 


I guide other women through it. It’s life-changing! It works!

$222 for 11 days of transformation in your money & business or email for a two payment option of $150 each.

Sign me up!

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