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Helping Female Founders, Thought Leaders & Experts Go From Exhausted Unfulfilled Entrepreneur to Aligned Anti-Hustle Millionaire


Success as a 7 figure entrepreneur
+ time to live your life
+ do what you love to do?
Seem impossible? It’s not!

You can have it all. Time, success, wealth and more.

I’ll show you how.

Hi, I’m Tierra, Founder of The Brave Way, speaker, best-selling author and serial multi-platform mompreneur of 16 years whose businesses have generated over 7 figures.


As a Business Growth Specialist, Alignment & Wealth coach, I help successful female entrepreneurs generate more success while working less, for greater freedom and balance.


I remember the 24/7 grind mindset, mental & emotional exhaustion and lack of time freedom I had when I first started out as an entrepreneur.


I was so tired of trading my time for money and I knew I had to make some changes in my business so I developed a proven method to put time freedom and balance back in my life. 


That's when I could FINALLY enjoy the success I had created in my life and now I help other women do the same so let me ask you...if your business stays the same, would you be happy?

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Tierra In The Media


Learn simple ways to reclaim your time, earn more while working less and harness the power of manifesting to create a life you’re in love with all while connecting with other successful female entrepreneurs TODAY


The Brave Method©

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A proven, step by step formula to reclaim your time while aligning with your business. 


This unique, one-of-a-kind program is designed specifically for women who aren't looking for an exit strategy but instead are looking for a step-back strategy that allows them to balance their business and freedom lifestyle they desire. 


It is the method Tierra used to successfully reimplement time freedom back into her businesses so she could truly ENJOY the success she had created and provides this same method to her clients.


Take a look at our goodies!


Client Love

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“Good morning Tierra.  I wanted to tell you thank you soooo much!!  Our session last night was so inspiring.  I was up brainstorming like crazy!!! You have lit the fire in me!!!  I am so excited about what’s to come!!! #thebraveway”



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