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Ajna Center & Dark Night of the Soul

On to the Ajna Center. The Ajna in our human design is all about

our perceptions

point of view


our mindset

our identity

and really did me a doozy during my dark night of the soul.

Even the fact that there was a part of me somewhat embarrassed and a tad reluctant to speak on my dark night of the soul experience because of the perception I have around this part of the journey.

The Ajna center is where the struggling single mother identity I have carried from societal, familial, and genetic programming lies.

The identity we’ve carried that hustling means success.

The mindset that I should just focus on “making money” when I was rebuilding back to 7 figures VERSUS following what lights me up as a generator (which is part of my human design to realize a path of ease and flow-not being led by my ego).

My defined Ajna center in my Human design means that I have very clear opinions which range true when it comes to me screaming from the rooftops that prosperity is our birthright.

That we all deserve and should be living a life of abundance in all areas.

That we are here to live a life of ease, which is why I realized very quickly that I was not living my life from my former mantra of “how easy can I let life be today?” during my last dark night of the soul.

Instead, I was living from an old identity that no longer served me, but when I made a choice to move back into a mindset of prosperity, I was able to navigate those days a few weeks ago from a much stronger place. Which leads me to the throat center we’ll touch on next week!

If there's anything you’d like for me to cover more of in the newsletter, please let me know! So much love to all of you! Be well! Be wealthy!

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