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Sacral Center & Dark Night of the Soul

The sacral center. Life force center within human design.

As a generator, alignment begins and ends with my sacral center. The center of creativity. The literal Creatrix center if you will.

It is the center of sustainability, sexuality, and reproduction.

Tapping into my sacral center as I navigated my dark night of the soul meant that I followed my sacral authority understanding that this center is the center of body wisdom and is always leading me into alignment with its nonverbal cues to let me know if I am feeling satisfied by what I’m doing/who I’m around (aka aligned) or frustrated (aka misaligned).

This center is regulated by an approach of “If it’s not a HELL YES feeling in my sacral center a.k.a. butterflies then it’s a hell no for the moment”.

During this dark night of the soul, a few things shifted in my business, and I really got real about how I wanted this next chapter of my business to look.

Not based on what I thought I should be doing as a Wealth Activator but rather what I felt in my body is needed within wealth consciousness. What I needed to fulfill my purpose within energetic alignment.

The body never lies. The mind will allow us to lie to ourselves but your body will always let you know when you don’t feel safe with money for instance, or you are moving from ego.

Stepping into my sacral authority allowed me to refocus on my intuition and instincts, which leads us to the Spleen center within human design next week.

If you have any questions on the sacral center, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Sending so much love to all of you!

If there's anything you’d like for me to cover more of in the newsletter, please let me know! Be well! Be wealthy!

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