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Are You Allowing Your Human Design Authority To Lead?

This week was such a great opportunity for me to be led by my soul.

By the Creatrix within me.

The most prosperous version of myself when one huge opportunity came across my lap specifically to take over one of my biz bestie’s Facebook groups that she has built up. Now my ego immediately went YESSSSS! More people coming into the Moneyfesting movement. More women to impact. But when I felt into my sacral, it felt flat! I felt into it again, wanting desperately for there to be some butterflies, but there weren’t. And if it’s not a HELL YES in my sacral, then it’s a no so I ended up declining and suggesting a different way for those women to come into my world once the group is archived in a way that felt really good.

What does this have to do with the five day water fast I just completed? Well, we know there are going to be weight loss benefits to doing any fast for that duration of time. And yes, that definitely was a motivation behind me wanting to do this. To kickstart my fitness journey but from a spiritual perspective, when I researched the five day water fast, I learned that after three days, your body goes into atrophy, which means your body removes any sick cells from your body, from your mitochondrial DNA and replaces it with new healthy cells. Literally rewriting our cellular DNA!

And I read that you have spiritual breakthroughs by day four and five and amazing mental clarity so when the opportunity came through for the Facebook group, I was in such a laser focused energy; such an intentional energy around how I am showing up currently in my purpose & and my passion that I didn’t even second guess what my authority was leading me to. THAT is the blessing right there!

So how are you letting your authority in your human design lead you today and every day? Your soul knows the way to money overflow, pleasure, and an orgasmic life even when our ego doesn’t understand it. Let your authority lead.

Reply to this with any questions on your human design authority or the 5 day water fast! You can also catch me diving into each day of the water fast and the foods I ate to break the water fast on The Brave Way YouTube channel.

So much love to all of you!


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