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Breaking Down A Billionaire’s Human Design

Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z is an entertainment icon best known for having an incredible 20+ year career in music…and for being married to Beyoncé haha!

Jay-Z crossed the billionaire mark a few years ago and I was watching a documentary on him about being in the studio and I couldn’t help but wonder what his human design was.

I’m always fascinated by mastery of any market, industry or a skill and music is my love language so I wanted to get to the foundation of his genius while I was watching the episode.

What were Jay-Z’s unfair advantages in his human design which allowed him to stay on top of a very fickle music industry for so long?

Well, the more Jay-Z talked about collaborations lighting him up and inspiring him I was like, he HAS to have a 4 in his profile…

and then he and every single person that was interviewed talked about his memory as an artist after over 20 years in the music industry, being able to recite from memory, write from memory, write for others in their tone from memory…

So then I was like, I wonder if he has gate 26 or the 13-33 prodigal son channel in his chart. I created his chart which seemed to be the most accurate without me having his exact birth time and it is so fascinating! (If you want your human design chart pulled by me but don’t have your birth time, NO WORRIES! I can still give you a human design reading!)

Back to the billionaire…Jay-Z is a 2/4 Sacral Generator (my Generator twin-ish lol…I’m a 4/6) and although this chart doesn’t have the 13-33 channel, he DOES have gate 13 which is all about memorizing information, memory recollection and public recognition through “dialogue”...through music!

Someone with this gate has the unfair advantage of having a powerful way of sharing their knowledge and experience with other people, the “I remember” superpower which is all about I remember my past and the past of others and is really interesting because he shares his stories and the people that were around him in his community in his lyrics!

Gate 13 is connected to the throat center and people with the 13-33 channel even though right now it’s a hanging channel for Jay-Z.

Jay-Z ALSO has gate 26 which is all about abundance and believing abundance for everybody and if you look at the team he’s put together, they are all multi-millionaires and billionaires! In fact, his last verse one “God Did” talks about how many billionaires have come from his camp and includes 4: Himself, Rihanna, Kanye West and LeBron James.

Overall, Jay-Z has fully utilized the unfair advantage of gate 13, maximizing the power of the memory aligned with gate 26 to create massive abundance in his life! Fascinating right?!

What questions do you have about human design? Respond with those HD & Gene Keys questions that you have and I’ll get back to you!

Be well, Be wealthy!

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