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Feeling Unworthy In Our Undefined Centers

Hi family! Continuing on the blog from last week, part of self love is accepting who you are right now and where you're at right now.

When we let that be enough, we have clarity and we can allow currency into our energy field, unrestricted by blocks.

Part of that clarity comes from seeing and feeling where the resistance comes from so when we talked about resistance, remember that it can like:

"I have to work harder"

"I need to be better"

"I need to discipline myself to make it happen"

"If only I was better, more stable, further ahead…"

“If only I had more support, more money, more more more…”

These thoughts actually come from our Human Design energy centers that are conditioned to believe that we need to be someone or something we're not to achieve our desires.

(Sidenote: any center can be conditioned, whether defined or undefined)

BUT the centers that tend to have the most conditioning, and the ones that we feel we're "not enough" in, are our open/undefined centers, (I'll be using "undefined" to signify open AND undefined, to keep it simple because simple is the name of the game right?).

In any undefined centers we have, we have energy that acts like more of a sponge. It's how we filter through the world's energy whereas in our defined centers, this is the energy we bring to the world.

And because most people have a combination of defined and undefined centers, we all have areas that we feel "not enough" in.

Here are the centers and the main way they sound when we feel like we're not enough in them or worthy of success:

Head: "I need to know why/how/when"

Ajna: "I need to have more opinions"

Throat: "I need to speak up more/be louder"

Identity: "I need to know where I'm going in life"

Ego: "I need to prove I can do it"

Emotional: "I need to feel more emotions"

Sacral: "I need to do more"

Splenic: "I need to be safer"

Root: "I need to get there faster"

When we let "more" become a pressure for making us feel like we're not enough, resistance runs rampant but this week, I challenge you to find ways to appreciate your undefined energy and sit with it. Love yourself exactly as you are.

Whether you're someone who's more opinionated or not. Whether you're someone who has a clear idea of their purpose or not. Whether you're someone who does more or not.

Whatever your energy is made up of, is perfect for exactly who you were meant to be.

The more we learn to appreciate the good aspects of our undefined energy, the less resistance we'll have in these centers – and overall!

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note dives into the the undefined/open energy centers in your human design that affect your sense of worthiness for wealth & success.

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