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Happy Taurus Season everyone!

I'm so excited to start this conversation with you as we transition into Taurus season because Taureans are all about the beauty of life, enjoying the material and physical world, beautiful things, and the energy is about being very steadfast in what you want (aka stubborn haha!).

This also means it's a perfect time to begin our journey into manifesting with your Human Design!

When I talk about manifesting with your Human Design, it's not just about the tool. It's about aligning your natural energy with Manifestation and deliberate co-creating.

When you manifest from an energetic place that is your natural alignment, you're able to witness the power of who you are while getting everything you want in a way that's authentic and sustainable for the long-term.

This is why it's so important to release the past, heal the trauma, realign to who you were born to be, and embody your wealthy woman identity.

When you're YOU, you are at your most abundant, prosperous, wealthy, healthiest self, and it's also when you're happiest.

So today let's talk about the overarching theme of your energy in Human Design to start with the big picture of who you are and how you can realign to yourself to manifest everything you want.

And for some fun, tell me in the comments what your type is and if this resonates with your soul!


You are most aligned when you're carving out a new path. You don't take the road less traveled, you create it! You venture into the dark, knowing that the light will be with you every step of the way. You give permission to humanity to do what you do as well. You're the one people watch and listen to when it's time for a change. It starts solely with you. But you're forging the path for others to follow.

Check in with yourself: Are you allowing yourself to be uniquely individual? Are you stepping into your powerful path or keeping yourself small because you don't want to upset or be judged by others? Realign to your courage…time to be brave love!


You are most aligned when you follow your joy and satisfaction. You can get lost in the excitement of working towards your passions, and you should! Your endless warmth and joy is like a fire to the world, warm and embracing. When you love your life, you lift everyone up with you just because they feel that overwhelming abundance of positive energy.

Check in with yourself: Are you saying yes to the things that you love? Have you been doing things that you enjoy or have you forced yourself to stick with something that drains you because you think you have to? Realign to your joy!

Manifesting Generators:

You're a mix of the two: manifestor and generator. Read those and ask yourself, which feels more resonant with your soul right now? What do you need to realign with? Do that!


You are most aligned when you reserve your energy for the right people and the right time. You are the wise all-seers and observers & you can guide anyone to a better path, but when you don't wait for the right people or the right time it will feel draining. Be reassured that you are seen, you are heard, you are noticed! You have insights that could change the trajectory of the world's energy. If you let yourself truly feel that, how would you move day to day? Confidently and certain!

Check in with yourself: Are you resting and recharging your energy for the right people and times or have you been draining yourself just so you can hopefully be seen and heard by anyone and everyone? You are dessert. Not everyone indulges in it, but the people who do enjoy it and savor it. Be that. Embody your delicious energy and wait to be savored by the people who truly see you. Save your energy for the right people. Save your energy for yourself. And in the meantime, do what matters to you. Learn, grow, be happy!


You are most aligned when you allow yourself to be whoever you want to be, whenever it suits you. No one can tell you what's right or wrong for you because you automatically feel it. You feel the energy of everything, places, people, situations, opportunities, the world. You are the person who can so easily tell the world what's wrong and how to fix it in the grand scheme of things. You can bypass all the BS and see everything. Make sure you're keeping yourself in places and environments that uplift you so you can use these gifts when you're ready.

Check in with yourself: Are you allowing yourself to naturally flow between identities and preferences? Have you been keeping your environments and relationships that are healthy or have you been placing yourself in draining places and near draining people? Realign with your favorite and most comfortable environments to feel better and more open!

Take these as the starting points of manifesting what you want, because manifestation starts with you.

When you're being authentically you, you attract everything you're meant to have. And we'll dive even deeper over the next few weeks.

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note dives into your unique energy by human design type for manifestation!

P..S. If you feel called to explore how embodying your human design shifts money blocks and allows for alignment, getting off the hamster wheel & prosperity with ease in your life & business, let’s talk!

Can I feature you? I’m always looking for amazing female entrepreneurs to showcase and chat with on my Wealthy Woman By Design show! My guests and I have a ball while diving into your business, your money story and how embodying your human design has impacted your success! Respond to be a guest!

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