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How Rock Solid Is Your Frequency?

We hear all about frequency and matching the frequency of abundance but my question to you is, are you able to keep the frequency of money overflow when things get a little shaky?

When you put out a new offer and no one signs up?

When you find yourself binge eating and you know that goes against your goal to be healthy?

It’s so easy to tap into our human design and match frequency when everything is going right.

When people are flooding your dm‘s to work with you and money is flowing in.

It’s another thing to continue holding this prosperous version of yourself energetically when your 3D reality isn’t reflecting what you are desiring to have in your life.

One of the most powerful identity practices you can do is checking in with yourself throughout the day to see what frequency you are holding. The frequency of who you are being or the frequency of who you are becoming?

I definitely used to operate from a place of being and my current reality. Once I chose to open up these questions to myself, many things shifted. Holding the vision. Focused on who I am becoming. THAT is where real activations come in!

I did a Mini Money Block Clearing session today with a beautiful soul, and when we had the conversation around identity work and holding frequency, her mouth literally dropped open because she realized her number one money block at that moment. It became so clear and this was something that she had been working on for MONTHS! There is so much power in the work that I do and I am so grateful to be able to do it.

Reply to this and let me know, truthfully, if you are holding the frequency of who you are becoming.

So much love to all of you!


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