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Can I be transparent with you?

This is what I have thought to myself at times over the years as an entrepreneur even though I absolutely love the path I’ve chosen.

I. Give. Up.

Despite loving that I get to pour in to women and help shift old money stories so that they can create generational legacies.

Despite guiding women to rebuild after narcissistic abuse, divorce, career changes or any other pivots they encounter on this journey called life.

Despite helping women uncover their purpose in life and understand how to merge their passions with said purpose.

I can’t think of anything more rewarding.

Hearing how my client’s lives have changed by embodying their human design and new money stories.


The truth is,

There are times that imposter syndrome kicks in.

There are times that I just want to be “saved”.

There are times that my inner critic is loooud as hell.

There are times that feelings of unworthiness creep in over my potential.

Being an entrepreneur for almost 20 years dictates that it hasn’t always been & isn’t always high vibes and smiles.

Some days are harder than others.

Some days I hate having to build on my own as a single mom.

Some days I’m not as motivated (this is the part where I envy my defined ego center family haha!).

These are the days that I wish I just came “from money” so that I could take a break. Pause. Have a lil’ help.

Can you relate?

Here’s the thing...I realize now that this feeling of tension at times is conditioning moving through.

Limiting beliefs and that ever present generator human design of mine that hits those frustration plateaus when I:

  1. a) Need to pivot away from something that’s not in alignment OR

  2. b) Am reaching a quantum leap in my business/life that is scary and big

So I’ll leave you with this... when you are experiencing the thoughts that we know don’t serve our ambition and purpose, do your best to get back to your authority. Your strategy. And see where that leads you. The soul always knows. When I take a breath and go within to check my mental, I get the most profound perspective shifts into alignment. Then I realize that I CHOOSE in that moment to make things as easy as possible in my world. I wish the same for you.

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers today’s love note is about...well, me being transparent about those days that I’m just not “feeling” it.

Want to join me in Italy in April? Click here for a sneak peek & more info. (By the way, for those that have reached out about the 2023 Goddess Tour, Comment below and I’ll put you on a waitlist for more information. )

P.S. If you feel called to explore how embodying your human design shifts money blocks and allows for alignment, getting off the hamster wheel & prosperity with ease in your business, let’s do a private reading!

P.P.S. Can I feature you? I’m always looking for amazing female entrepreneurs to showcase and chat with on my Wealthy Woman By Design tv show! My guests and I have a ball while diving into your business, your money story and how embodying your human design has impacted your success! Comment to be a guest!


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