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Identity (G) Center & Dark Night of the Soul

We are on to the next center within human design that played a key role in me navigating my dark night of the soul a few weeks ago. The center is our Identity or G center and is all about Self. Self-love. Self-identity.

My magnetic monopole happens to be gate 10 which is the gate of self-love so understanding the importance of compassion, grace, understanding and forgiveness.

Forgiveness for myself was crucial during this period. Allowing for deep reflection and self-care, despite me not really feeling like doing much of anything.

Allowing myself to turn back to the things that light me up. Turning to my gifts so that I could pour that flow of love back into myself.

Understanding the purpose behind this dark night of the soul was for me to be more deeply grounded in my identity, awakening as more and more of my spiritual gifts and abilities to activate wealth codes for others is brought to light.

Stepping out of the identity of “just a single mompreneur” into the powerful spiritual lineage I know to be true of me.

This center is probably where I had the most reflection, especially when I realized it was MY choice to decide the identity that I was going to embrace: my highest, most prosperous Creatrix self or the old story identity that I was raised and conditioned to- hustle/success over everything.

If you want me to dive more into the magnetic monopole, hit reply and let me know! Until next week when we dive into the ego/heart center!

If there's anything you’d like for me to cover more of in the newsletter, please let me know! So much love to all of you! Be well! Be wealthy!

Drop a ❤️ if this resonates, or you know someone you can share this message with today!

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