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It’s Moneyfesting Time!

What is moneyfesting?

It’s the actions you take to create more money energy and money flow in your life.

It’s uncovering money blocks repelling money from you that you may not even be aware of.

It’s claiming your birthright of prosperity unapologetically so that you…

can live a life of freedom

can make choices in your business & life based on desires and pleasure…not the cost.

It’s allowing yourself to understand what your most abundant self looks like & learning how to step in to that version of her every single day.

It’s aligning the things that light you up in life with your purpose so that you can feel as fulfilled and aligned as possible!

I’m so excited to announce my all new Moneymind that is starting September 7th!🙌🏽🙌🏽

If you are ready to

  • Shift a generational money mindset of lack to a prosperity mindset

  • Learn the ways you are uniquely created to bring more money flow into your life without doing things in your business that make you gag

then you need to join me!

Over 11 days, I’m going to walk you through embodiment play (because we don’t use the word work around here!) and the key parts of your human design specifically tied to money so that you leave the Moneymind completely transformed!

In fact, these strategies for alignment and money flow are so spot on (I know this because I’ve used them and use them with my clients to shift things up!) that if you don’t leave the Moneymind with some serious transformation, I will give you your money back! No questions asked!

I’m purposely keeping it small because this is my first Moneymind and I want to make sure I can stand on my word to overdeliver complete transformation around money.

Email me if you have questions or go here to sign up!

Please share this with someone else you want to see win with their money story. The tide raises all boats! Let’s go!!

I’m speaking at:

Purpose & Prosperity Summit! Grab your seat to this powerful 21 day event going on now!

Be well, Be wealthy!


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