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Let's talk about Energetic Weather

I'm not talking about small talk, "Oh it's 30 degrees outside in April", kinda weather. I'm talking about what energy is currently affecting us (like the gates we’ve been discussing etc etc).

For instance, as you've been learning about your Human Design, you'll see that I've been saying we've all felt the energy of Gate 41 recently. That's because there are constant Astrological Transitions going on.

Each moment, the universe is shifting. And the moment you were born, that's the "snapshot" of your energy (aka your human design). But the universe didn't stop there beautiful.

Even though YOU have specific energy, you also FEEL the energy of other people, places, historical events, and current astrological weather.

This is how astrological predictions are made…by looking at astro weather in comparison with your birth chart.

All the planets and stars have their own patterns and representations. Just like the Sun is bright, shining, and all-encompassing – so is your personal identity and core energy. It's unmistakable. It's something everyone sees and feels about you, regardless of whether they can put that feeling into words or not. Some people call it your aura which surrounds you out to 3 ft. Your presence right?

And the closer a planet is to us, the stronger we feel its effects. Which is why mercury retrograde is bruuuutal on Earth's technology and communication. It's all about it being a close proximity planet, like the Sun, Earth, Mars, etc.

So when we talk about different gates being active, defined, or transitioning, this is what I mean. That a certain planet is activated in it.

When the Sun is in Gate 41, (Happy belated Rave New Year by the way), we're all feeling that energy as a kind of rebirth in our identity and core energy.

And since all Planets move at different paces, there's a number of different energies we're feeling all at once.

It's not as strong as your core energy. But it still affects us.

The closer it is, the stronger you'll feel the effect. And the planet its in is where you'll feel this effect.

For example, Earth represents what grounds us into our soul energy. So when you feel up in the clouds or out of alignment, tap into your Earth Gates on your chart.

My earth gates are Gate 54 and Gate 57 so when I need to get grounded, I tap into the energies of Gate 54 (ambition and prosperity) along with the energies of Gate 57 (intuition and insight).

It's no wonder that I become so fulfilled helping others tap into their wealth!

There's so much more we can go into – and we will! But take this knowledge with you as we continue talking about gates and other tidbits in your Human Design chart.

Remember, the way to manifest everything you desire is by being your full embodied divine prosperous self. And my mission is to help you get there!

Save this blog to come back to when you need it, and I'll see you again next week for some more breakthroughs.

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note dives into what to look for in your chart to stay grounded during mercury & mars retrogrades oh my!

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