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Let Your Dreams Manifest with Gate 41

We've covered purpose and setting new goals for the year, along with forgiving the past and ourselves for any past mistakes. Now it's time to look ahead and start taking inspired action.

Gate 41 is upon us with the energy to turn our dreams into reality if we take the necessary action so if you set New Year's resolutions but have had a late start to doing them, give yourself compassion and know that now's the time to recommit to them!

Shifting into one of my faaaaaavorite topics, let’s talk using love as the frequency to manifest what you want, especially during this powerfully charged time.

When we think of what we desire, we're in the state of "wanting" it. Meaning, it hasn't yet arrived. So the frequency we're in is "not yet".

That's not the state we want to be in to manifest!

Instead, accepting where we are now is an acceptance of our current state regardless of what emotions accompany us right now.

How can we be the vibration that matches love? Well, we can feel into loving our life right now (without the thing we desire).

You may be like, ‘Oh Tierra. Enough with the “needing to love your life right now without the thing you want to manifest” ‘ but it's true!

Think of it this way…how will you feel after the desire has already manifested?

Not right after, because of course we'll be excited! But a week later.

A month later. Months later.

How would you feel if you had it in your hands? In your life? Being able to visually see it or physically feel it?

This is the frequency we're tapping into. The frequency of already having it.

And what you'll feel after having everything you desire, is love.

The love of life, of living, of yourself, of family, of everything in your life and the time you have.

THIS is manifesting with the frequency of love. Stepping into the powerful creatrix & alchemist that you are.

So this week, as you're taking actions towards the desires you've set for yourself, remember to come back to this state of love. You'll quantum leap & accelerate beyond everything you’ve been desiring! Let’s call our dreams in family!

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note dives into more into gate 41 and how to manifest (moneyfest) with the frequency of love! BTW…do you have gate 55 in your chart? Check out this affirmation just for you!

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