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Letting Money In

Money isn't just physical. It's energetic. It's electric. It's a word. It's everything and it's nothing.

Right now I'm so grateful to be able to create the life I have for my kids, my family, and myself because I've done some deep personal work through money trauma. And ultimately, money can show up physically. That's how we all have experienced it the most, but that's not where or how you actually attract it.

You attract it through the energy you have.

Everyone attracts it. And how much you attract is based on how you feel about it.

There are many people who have an advantage in attracting it as well, but I haven’t been one of those people. So working through that path has really helped me expand my understanding of how money flows too.

And if you haven't had the opportunity to work through it for yourself yet, because you're busy building your own empire and lifestyle, here's a key shift that helped me.

You have to let it in.

Your story is being a powerful, hard working woman. You've built success from the ground up. But now, the phrase "she works hard for the money," is probably close to a similar belief that controls your money flow.

You can work hard for money. You've proven that. But can you also allow it to come in, even when you're not working hard?

Can you see and feel yourself bringing in money even when you're eating with your loved ones?

Can you feel the way money comes to you even when you're sleeping?

We're healing the hustle. And letting money in, while taking it slow, is a must for this. It takes time to be able to feel it for real, so don't give up on this one love.

We want to build a lifestyle you love living, truly embodying the version of yourself who receives money overflow with ease without the “hard” all the time. Will you allow that to become your new normal?

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note is about being real with yourself on money trauma affecting your belief that money gets to be easy.

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