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Love & The Open Ego Center

Writing this makes me want to cry and laugh hysterically at the same time.

I had no idea when I took this picture the story it would tell years later in my life.

It was right after this trip through the Italian & French Riviera that I decided to leave my child’s father who is a narcissist.

This was at the height of having hit that magic 7figure as an entrepreneur.

This was being VP of the PTA board and wearing the mask so well but completely miserable.

I’m proud of this woman and I am so proud of the woman I am today.

Because although I had said so many times before I was leaving, I never had the courage to actually do it.

All of the what if‘s, leaving the lifestyle…scared me too much.

I now understand that having an undefined ego aka heart center in my human design played into this concept that somehow I wasn’t worthy of having a healthy love.

Only a normal love based on what I had seen growing up that today is considered toxic.

Almost all of my clients that have an open or undefined ego/heart center deal with ebbs and flows when it comes to feeling worthy of actually having a healthy love that they desire.

So despite not feeling worthy of having a good relationship while I was in Italy, I knew I deserved better.

This time was different.

This time I left. And 1yr after starting my business from 0 I made a little over six figures.

No months of savings. Nobody’s deep pockets to tap into. From 0.

That time, I chose my peace. And this time I choose to build 7 figures in alignment.

In flow.

In ease.

Next week I’m hosting my very 1st retreat for 7 amazing women with two beautiful souls I’ve known over 20 years in Africa.

I’m going to Italy in April for the 1st time since this picture…hosting 12 women in a retreat to reset, renew & rebuild THEIR worth & wealth and THIS time, I’m going in my divine feminine…empowered.

I’m doing Italy on MY terms…and it feels so goooddd! 🎶 😁❤️

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note is about what your open or undefined heart / ego center means in love and why I’m taking Italy on MY terms in April (click here for a sneak peek & more info).

P.S. If you feel called to explore how embodying your human design shifts money blocks and allows for alignment, getting off the hamster wheel & prosperity with ease in your business, let’s do a private reading!

P.P.S. Can I feature you? I’m always looking for amazing female entrepreneurs to showcase and chat with on my Wealthy Woman By Design tv show! My guests and I have a ball while diving into your business, your money story and how embodying your human design has impacted your success! Comment blow to be a guest!


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