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Manifestation & Your Human Design: Head Center

This month is all about manifesting with our human design centers. Human Design helps us understand our unique energy and how we can use it to live our best lives. Our Head Center is a really important part of how we manifest money WHILE living our best life.

The Head Center is all about ideas and inspiration. It's the part of us that loves to dream up new things and come up with big plans. When we're using our Head Center in a healthy way, we feel excited, curious, and full of ideas. But sometimes, our Head Center can get a little too busy, and we start to feel overwhelmed or anxious.

When it comes to manifesting money, our Head Center is really important. That's because the ideas and inspiration that come from our Head Center can help us create new opportunities and make more money. But we have to be careful not to get too caught up in our own thoughts and forget to take action, especially for my fellow undefined head center folks.

One way to use our Head Center to manifest money is to set goals and make plans. If we have a clear idea of what we want and how we're going to get it, we're more likely to succeed. But we also have to be willing to take action and make things happen. That's where our other centers, like our Emotional Center and our Sacral Center, come in.

So if you want to manifest more money, remember to use your Head Center to dream up big ideas and set goals. But don't forget to take action and stay focused on your goals!


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