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Manifestation & Your Human Design: Throat Center

We continue the conversation this month about manifesting with our human design centers. I've seen firsthand how our Throat Center can be a powerful tool for manifesting money. This energy center is all about communication and self-expression, and it plays a crucial role in our ability to share our ideas and attract abundance into our lives. SN: Did you know that the vocal chords look just like a women’s feminine anatomy?? Creation of life and creation of our world. Interesting right?

When our Throat Center is activated and healthy, we feel confident and empowered in our communication. We're able to express our desires clearly and effectively, and we’re brave enough to speak up and share our ideas with others. This is especially important when it comes to manifesting money because we need to be able to communicate our desires aligned with our worth and what we want to create in our lives ladies! For example, if we have an idea for a business or product, we need to be able to share it with others in order to make it a reality.

One way to use our Throat Center to manifest money is to focus on our gates aka our superpowers. We can start by identifying our passions, purpose, life’s work, channels etc within our human design chart, and then finding ways to share them with others. Whether it's aligned to do public speaking, writing, or creating content online, there are many ways to use our Throat Center to build our brand and attract opportunities for abundance.

Another key to using our Throat Center for manifesting money is to embody a mindset of abundance and prosperity. This means being open to receiving, and believing that we deserve to be financially successful. When we approach our communication with a sense of confidence and abundance, we're more likely to fulfill our desires!


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