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Manifesting with Your Decision-Making Authority

In Human Design, there's a clearly stated way that you personally make the best decision for yourself aka your authority.

And you can use this for everyday decisions as well as bigger decisions! So let's look at YOUR best way to decide if something is right for you so you can follow those soul-led intuitive nudges towards receiving everything you desire.

Emotional Authority

If you have an Emotional Authority, letting yourself feel the natural ups and downs of the day to day emotions is your best tool. Get to know your ups and how they feel in your body. Do the same for the downs. Once you can feel the difference between the two and a neutral state, you can feel when you get into a place of neutrality to ask yourself if the decision you’re trying to make is right for you or not. Don't make big decisions in an up or down emotional ride! Ride out the wave, get clarity, and make the decision from neutrality.

Sacral Authority

The universe is constantly putting things in your sacral area for you to choose whether you feel lit up and or a big HELL NO. You don't need to seek anything out and it's better when you let things come to you! Start saying no to the things that are blocking up more space in your energy (things that feel draining and dull), and start saying yes to things that excite you in the moment. Let yourself be led down the bright fun path!

Splenic Authority

Your inner voice is always there for you, whispering yes or no in ways that you don't always have reasons to understand. And that's exactly the little voice that's pushing you towards your purpose and can lead you to where you want to go effortlessly. All you have to do is listen to it. It's like that instinctive feeling of "I should do that" or "I shouldn't do that". When you listen to that voice, you get everything you want in ways that surprise you.

Ego Authority

Getting what you want isn't selfish. In fact, it's positive for you and everyone around you. When you get what you want, your energy is different, and you interact with others and share that positive energy. So be honest with yourself about what you want. And move confidently toward it, even if it has nothing to do with anyone else and doesn't help others in any way that you can see. It will help them, because it helps you. Period.

Self-Projected Authority

Your voice just knows what's good for you and what you're most excited about. The way you sound when you say it really is more important than what you say. Talking to yourself is totally okay and it’s encouraged! You can talk things out to a trusted friend or loved one as well, not for their advice, but to hear the inflections of your tone. Whatever sounds the most exciting to you from your voice is right for you.

Mental/Environmental Authority

Your environment mirrors back what is right for you. When you feel good in a place or situation, that's a yes. When you don't, it's a no. When you voice things out and see how they're reflected from others back to you, you can see how it feels and whether you truly want to proceed or not. Don't be afraid to leave just because the energy doesn't feel right. Trust your energy!

Lunar Authority

You will get flashes of what feels right over time. Each day you decide things and you'll get to test out and try out what feels better to you for that decision or that moment. After you've had enough trial and error time, you'll see a theme running for you on whether it's a resounding yes or a hell no. Time will tell. Let yourself experiment and experience until you feel certain.

Use your authority as you're moving towards the manifestations you desire and following your intuitive nudges! Test it out this week and let me know how it felt!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note dives into how to manifest with your human design authority!

Be well. Be wealthy.


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