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Navigating Grief with the Ego Center

She’s gone. That’s all that kept coming to me when I sat down to write this week's blog.

My grandmother. My twin. The woman that everyone thought was my mother because we look so much alike. The woman that I basically grew up with from the time my mother had me at 17…is gone.

This is my first day back to business since her funeral Monday and I’m glad to see that I was actually excited to write this because I haven’t had much motivation this week which ties into my undefined ego/heart center in my human design.

People with a defined ego center have the will to move a mountain. Literally. When they put their mind to something, it’s done and that’s it.

On the other hand, understanding the energy in my undefined ego center means that I have fluctuations in motivation and that is my perfection.

So often when we aren’t motivated, we think that there’s something wrong with us. The bigger picture could be that the thing we are doing isn't aligned OR these fluctuations in motivation allow us to really tune in to make sure that it’s STILL aligned.

Knowing all of this, I was able to give myself complete grace and compassion this week, doing minimum and allowing myself to mourn how I needed to mourn.

I have gate 51 defined in my ego center, the gate of shock, so I wasn’t surprised by the manner in which my grandmother transitioned.

I came back from an absolutely amazing birthday celebration in Belize with my business bestie on a Friday and that Saturday I found out my grandmother was dying.

I had just spoken with her and she was absolutely fine. Still driving. All of the things. I flew up and saw her the next day and within two weeks she was gone.

Now the energy of this gate means that there are many shocking experiences that occur in life. Those with gate 51 also have the ability to shock others, but what I choose to lean into with this gate is that each shocking experience allows for a spiritual ascension and expansion in perspective for us to serve others in a profound way.

That is what I am leaning into writing this blog and as I get back in the swing of things with my clients next week.

I am leaning into understanding that my grandmother was a Reiki Grandmaster and that I have been training for lifetimes to continue that part of our lineage in THIS lifetime all while continuing my mission to help women activate their prosperity codes & heal money trauma for their lineage. What a blessing.

Sending so much love to all of you!

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