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New Year, New View

With the new year here, my thoughts have shifted to looking over what's been learned and what's been absorbed over the years from experiences and lessons.

There's a point in the process where we aren't "learning" per se anymore, but we're being – we are the culmination of our experiences and things we've learned.

So everything you're learning, you're becoming.

What does that mean to you?

What level are you at now with your learning with money? Where were you a year ago?

Don't forget to celebrate where you've been and who you've become!

You are becoming the embodiment of wealth, self-acceptance, and freedom.

As we start this year as the embodiment of what we learned in 20-money-2, we're also focused on being the embodiment of what we teach.

This is why we constantly uplevel our clients, no matter how long they work with us. Who you were last year isn't the same as who you are this year, and your clients get the best version of you the longer they stick with you.

Your uplevels are theirs too!

Don't forget that. And don't sell yourself short.

During this new year time, we have some of the most transformative Human Design Gates that we're all feeling through the transitory astro weather.

Gate 38 is lending us the energy to persevere. It can feel like a fighting energy, of wanting to fight for what you want. But be careful not to end up in the shadow of struggle. If you find it difficult to move forward in your progress right now, just reflect. Then move forward again when it feels right.

Gate 39 is lending us the energy to be dynamic. This is the time to be brave and demonstrate the lessons you've learned. This is a time that brings thinking and planning for the future, but keep it light to stay out of the shadow energy of provocation.

Gate 41 will be here soon enough to lend us the energy of anticipation – where dreams can become a reality as long as we take the necessary actions. Taking action is crucial to staying out of the shadow of fantasy, where dreams remain dreams.

This time is great to self reflect, plan for the future, and take the action steps to achieve these plans!

Remember to be the embodiment of your teachings and your experiences. And celebrate your progress just like you would your clients.

Happy New Year! Here’s to 20-MONEY-3!!

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note dives into how gates 38, 39 and 41 are impacting you right now!

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