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Receiving Energy Isn't Bad

Last week we started to understand how toxic relationships can be attracted to us with the energy of our human design. But I want to make sure something is clear.

You are perfect the way you are.

Whether you're fully defined in all centers, completely undefined and open in all centers, or a mix of everything in your human design, you were meant to be that way.

You're a complete, whole person and you're exactly who the universe intended you to be.

Outside influences aren't always bad. In fact, that's how we learn to be better. That’s how we learn our lessons so we don’t want to block off receiving in these areas. Instead, we want to have awareness around what kind of influences they are.

Think about it this way. the landline was invented for people to talk to each other over long distances. An addition to that was the answering machine. Now we have cell phones that combine both snd I can talk to you here because we developed the internet past that.

The progression that happened was because of external influence. Feedback was given, and they took it and improved upon it. That's helpful external influence.

Just like learning to walk. Learning to talk. Learning to create. Learning to communicate.

We learn the deepest lessons in these areas. We can learn the entire range because we're able to receive from the external world.

So if you have been through toxic relationships, please don't blame yourself or shame yourself for "allowing" it to happen.

Toxic bs happens to more people than a little bit ladies!

Not everyone will have the same experience or the same challenges, but they will be influenced by something or another.

Good or bad, it's part of the human experience. All we can do is take our lessons from it and move forward but the #1 thing I want you to know is that there's nothing “wrong” with you or your human design. You're perfect the way you were meant to be.

You have the exact energy you need to create the life you want.

And that's what life's about. That journey.

So if you ever find yourself embarrassed, ashamed, or feeling guilty because of your past – please remember that you were made perfect. (I put up a post a week that talks about narcs being attracted to greatness aka YOU! Check it out here.)

Next week, we'll dive deeper into releasing trauma from these centers and some techniques to help empty out past experiences so you can regain your self-worth and love yourself even more for more abundance in your life.

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note dives into the good part of outside influences on your energy and how to get out of your head (center) about attracting toxic relationships in your past. By the way…Rebuilding After Narc Abuse masterclass dropping 3/23/23!!

P.S. Did you catch the Love & Your Human Design Masterclass? The replay is available so go here to watch!

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