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Relearning Yourself After Trauma

Hello loves,

As you know this month has been focused on healing from trauma and stepping out of trauma...the brave way (by the way…a Pay What You Can special is going on through midnight on Friday, 3/31 for up to 50% off of all human design readings & VIP Day-reply to this to book).

Well this week, let's get back into a happier place that happens after you've experienced trauma and worked through healing…

Learning about yourself again!

It's not easy getting through trauma, and I'm not minimizing the process or saying it needs to happen quickly. Take the time you need to heal. But here's what you get to look forward to when you're ready: recognizing and relearning who TF you are!

You just went through some sh*t. There's no way you're the same person as before.

You're stronger, more aware, adaptable, resourceful, courageous, brave and alive.

You made it out of a dark place because of your internal light.

And you are the only person who did it for yourself. YOU did it. YOU made it through.

So what does this mean for you now?

You know some more red flags to look for.

You know how you felt before the situation and during.

You know you can handle anything that tries to keep you down.

You were able to fight for yourself.

You were able to find the help you needed and you allowed yourself to seek help.

You took the steps to get out of the situation, you saved yourself.

You learned how to get out of that situation.

You've learned and grown SO much from this one thing and now you get to just have those skills and that experience and go forward with more wisdom.

And now, toxic relationships won't take as long to recognize it and you may be able to avoid it altogether!

You are more powerful than you believe. Your soul knows it, and now hopefully you can see it too.

Find the things that make you feel joy again. Find what lights you up again. And find the things that you value now, too.

And as you're healing and moving forward, recognize how you've grown and relearn who you are.

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note is just that…a love note to you from me♥️ Plus…have you had a chance to watch Rebuilding After Narc Abuse Masterclass? Watch here now! And, the Pay What You Can special is going on now through midnight on Friday, 3/31 for up to 50% off of all human design readings & VIP Day!-reply to this to book)

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