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She Makes 7 Figures And Lives Check To Check

"I made almost $1 million this year and I lost almost all of it”, she said to me.

I paused before I replied to her as an overwhelming sense of compassion washed over me. I’d heard this story all too often and had experienced moments of the same money sabotage in my life as well.

Somewhere within my client lay the confidence to build a business BUT she didn’t feel worthy of her wealth so she was subconsciously doing what we all do when we don’t feel worthy of money flow with ease… we find ways to get rid of it, leaving us in a constant cycle of lack that is uncomfortable but familiar.

This client had never learned how to manage her money. OR her limiting beliefs around money. The generational & societal residue impacting her life that she wasn’t even aware of.

Because she had a 7 figure business, she thought her money story was pretty good which is why that’s where I started in our session together.

With the money story she was living in.

I brought her back to her birthright of prosperity and explained it to her through her human design so that she could see that as a fellow sacral generator, she could learn how to instinctively trust herself with money.

How to instinctively know when she was out of alignment with money and business decisions in her life.

How she could instinctively know when she was aligned to run her business and marketing her expertise in ways that were unique to her, ultimately resulting in magnetizing amazing clients that lit her up.

Our conversation lasted about an hour and a half but I knew that her life would forever be changed now that she had a strategy to go from exhausted, unfulfilled entrepreneur to an aligned, anti-hustle millionaire.

That’s the place I choose to live in and that’s where I believe we are ALL meant to live.

From a place of bliss.

From a place of orgasmic success. From a place of knowing.

The soul always know show to lead you back to this place of ease.

You owe it to yourself to remember how to trust yourself again.

I’m speaking at:

Purpose & Prosperity Summit started Tuesday!

You know I am all about creating more prosperity and abundance in our lives!

I’ve got something so special for you that I want to personally invite you to so you can connect with your soul’s purpose and create prosperity in every area of your life.

Join me and 20 other powerful leaders, successful entrepreneurs, visionaries, thought-leaders, bestselling authors, international speakers, and global experts who have pivoted into living a life connected to our purpose. We’re sharing how we tapped into prosperity and abundance through connecting with our soul’s calling, doing what we love at an incredible event called Purpose To Prosperity!

Over the last three years the world has gone through a massive shift that changed how we live and work, and we’ve entered a new era. Millions of people transitioned out of careers, started businesses, and took a leap towards their soul’s calling.

Maybe you were one of them, but perhaps it didn’t go as planned and you still find yourself in the “transition” trying to figure out your next step.

Or maybe you haven’t taken that big leap of faith yet, but you know deep down your life was meant to be more fulfilling.

During this series you will:

  • Learn how to identify your gifts and who you are

  • Clear your money mindset blocks

  • Uplevel to a new wealth consciousness

  • Identify common obstacles to pivoting careers

  • Understand how your physical health translates to prosperity

  • Tackle change from the inside out with energetic techniques

  • Go from lost and confused to clear, confident, and aligned!

I am so excited to share this event with you and empower you to take the next steps towards the life you deserve to live. It’s your birthright!

Be well, Be wealthy!

PS. The best advice I have ever received was, “Learn from the people who are where you want to be and living the life you want to live”.

So let me ask you this: What would it be worth to you to be able to sit at the feet of 21 wildly successful leaders who are living every day connected to their purpose AND experiencing prosperity as a result?



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