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The Head Center & Dark Night of the Soul

I’ve been touching on the dark night of the soul I experienced a few weeks back in the newsletter (catch up here), and I wanted to dive into how I’ve been leaning on my unique human design to balance during this time.

Let’s start with the head center. The head center in human design is all about creativity, inspiration, ideas etc. and if you are open or undefined in that center as I am, sometimes the things that flow in can be overwhelming!

It can lead you to overthinking, not only about your present situation & the future, but also reliving much of the past. For me on this journey back to 7 figures, I realize that I wasn’t allowing myself grace to celebrate what I have achieved so far in my life.

-Hitting 7 figures in the first place for instance

-Leaving behind two long-term narcissistic abusive relationships

-Building a business from 0 to 6 figures in a little over a year after walking away from the abuse

But even despite all of that, there were parts of me that were questioning my next steps, and not allowing my undefined head center to be a good filter for all of the downloads and ideas I’ve been channeling.

When we have an open or undefined head center, you may pick up ideas from someone you pass in the grocery store (wild right?) and it’s so important to feel into your being to see if this is your idea that you should move forward with…that you’re being guided towards or is it someone else’s idea that you are channeling?

For a long time, I would run with every idea that came my way and that led to burn out. That led to me being pushed by ego and being out of alignment.

Understanding how undefined/open centers have a particular conditioning that affects our lives, I am now able to give myself time to reflect, and sit with the ideas that were coming in, or that I had even started moving on over the past few weeks to see if they were still in alignment with my higher self…with my most prosperous self. How I was showing up. Who I was working with.

And once I allowed the truth to come through, no matter how much my ego wanted to fight it, that’s when real breakthroughs happened for me, and I could see “the light”. Next week we’ll dive into the Ajna center so stay tuned!

If there's anything you’d like for me to cover more of in the newsletter, please let me know! So much love to all of you! Be well! Be wealthy!

Reply to this and drop a ❤️ if this resonates, or you know someone you can share this message with today!



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