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Undefined Head Center & Mercury Retrograding! Oh My!

My fellow undefined or open head center family…I think you’ll feel me on this one!

The head center is where all of the ideas, creation and inspiration comes in and when it’s defined that means that you have a very defined way of being inspired and moving the energy of possibilities.

But! When you are undefined or open like I am then you find inspiration by being out in the world and you’ll have inspiration come from everywhere. That’s a great thing right? Absolutely!

However, when you have the energies of mercury retrograde plus this open or undefined head center dance going on, then it can mean an OVERWHELM of ideas and inspiration! It also can mean a bit of issues with your memory or struggling to find the right words a lot of the time.

So here I was on Monday, completely lit up by all of the fun things I want to create and bring to The Brave Way family over the next few months but it was TOO much flooding into the point that all of the ideas and inspiration was overwhelming…and I was like ahhh!

Every single client I’ve had during retrograde that also has an open head center in their human design has been feeling the exact same way! (By the way, when your head center is white but the numbers have red circles behind them then that means your head center is undefined. When your head center is completely white like mine and none of the numbers are highlighted, then you are considered completely open).

Back to the story…so when I started feeling this overwhelm of ideas, inspiration and possibilities flowing in I started experiencing emotional highs and lows which makes sense because I also have an undefined solar plexus center which is all about the energy of our emotions.

Once I came to the realization of what was truly going on with my open head center energy and the undefined solar plexus energy then I was able to say ah-hah!

Take a deep breath Tierra. This is all a part of my design and energy is always going to find a path of least resistance so let me create flow and move out of this uncomfortable feeling. That meant going out in nature, out amongst the people and as soon as I did that, I felt such a release!

With an undefined or open head center, being in nature feels so amazing for you. To not only be inspired and have new ideas come to you if you’ve been stuck on something in your business or life but also just to relieve some of that pressure.

If you have an open or undefined head center and have also been experiencing those crazy mercury retrograde fluctuations when it comes to idea overwhelm, please let me know what you did to alleviate it! Sending you all so much love and a happy dance for the end of retrograde upon us!

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