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What a Birthday!

I don’t even know where to BEGIN for my birthday week (hi fellow July babies)! I still feel like I’m floating, and if I shared every single detail about these amazingly beautiful last few days, you ladies would be reading for an hour! 😂

What I will say is that all of the dark night of the soul moments I’ve shared with you leading up to this birthday Catch up & read about the craziness here

gave me such perspective and ability TODAY to enjoy every piece of the beautiful parts of my birthday. Three of my best friends came in town for a surprise party that my sister put together & one of them I’ve known for 27 years (the other two I’ve known for 22 years!)!

Taking all of that in made me really sit back and reflect from such a space of gratitude. I’ve DECIDED to focus on the positive and appreciation.

I made a CHOICE that I was going to stay in a higher level frequency versus what I had experienced just a few days prior.

Those choices I realize allow for momentum to build in my life, bringing in more money overflow, bringing in more love, bringing in the presence of amazing people that compound on each other.

We’re only midway through my birthday month and I am setting it up to be an amazing month! As I get ready to travel out of the country for my birthday, I am being very intentional about how I am showing up, which version of myself I am showing up as and how I can allow more abundance and flow into my life.

Once I get back, we will dive more into the human design centers I have been leaning on as I navigate through these energetic fluctuations from the last few weeks.

Something about my 40th birthday has also giving me such audacity around how I want to move in life and my business. You are going to see some new angles come in related to the SAME mission of abundance overflow for all of us.

BUT I can feel old programming, conditioning, limiting beliefs, and generational blocks melting away!

It’s scary as hell to think about stepping into this new chapter in this way, but what is MORE scary is feeling the call from our souls and not following it!

So much love to all of you!

PS In honor of my birthday month, I’m opening up 7 mini activation calls for you. If you know it’s time to really activate wealth codes and make money in a way that leaves you aligned and fulfilled, one of these is for you❤️

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Reply to this and drop a ❤️ if this resonates, or you know someone you can share this message with today!

If there's anything you’d like for me to cover more of in the newsletter, please let me know!

Be well! Be wealthy!



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