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What Happened When I Threw Out The Struggling Single Mom Money Story

Many of you know my story. I was in two long-term narcissistic abusive relationships, while hitting seven figures as an entrepreneur, and I was absolutely miserable. I walked away from a seven figure business, life, home all the things, and have been on a journey of rebuilding.

The funny thing is, I carried with me a money story that as a single mother, I would struggle, and so that meant even after going from zero to building a six-figure business in a little over a year while rebuilding, I didn’t give myself credit because I hadn’t made it back to seven figures yet. Ridiculous, right?

I didn’t even realize I was carrying this lack of mindset until I sat down and did the money healing work to understand why I was creating feast and famine cycles in my life and business.

Why the more money I made, the more money I spent.

Why I had a six-figure business and was still feeling broke.

This is when Creatrix was born. It’s a combination of over 20 years of metaphysical learning, six figures spent on mentorship, coaches & guidance and the school of life in one package.

The tools, techniques, and methods I teach in Creatrix are the things that work for me and the women I work with.

The identity work shifting from struggling single mother to thriving mompreneur.

The deep connection back to Source through my human design and money healing unlike anything I’ve seen in the industry!

I made a vow to figure this money thing out, and I have done the work. I am doing the work, and for those of you ready to join me, my arms are wide open!

The journey to an orgasmic life, full of pleasure and abundance beyond anything we can imagine starts with a decision and a choice that this IS your birthright. And it is! Comment on this for more info on Creatrix.

So much love to all of you!


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