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When Life Cracks You Open

“All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this experience, only good will come and I am safe.” - Louise Hay

I have been repeating this mantra all day every day the last few days. These are one of those powerful mantras that I learned from the late and magnificent Louise Hay. This mantra has gotten me through those times in my life when things were getting shaken up and even though I know it’s ultimately always for my highest good, it doesn’t always feel that way when we are in the midst of it right?

What I realize is that when we claim we are doing the work to become the best version of ourselves, and we claim that we are doing the work to embody the version of ourselves we desire to be, we will be tested. (Can you see the theme that’s been going on in the Creatrix newsletter this month?)

When we say we want to become the most abundant version of ourselves that lives a life of pleasure and has orgasmic experiences, we will be tested.

When we say that we are no longer subscribing to being a struggling single mother, or struggling mompreneur, we will be tested.

When we say that we are intentional about matching the frequency of our most prosperous selves every single day, we will be tested.

For me, I find beauty in the tests because I can recognize them for what they are. Testing my intentionality. Testing my passion and testing my purpose.

Thankfully I have a business doing something that feels like a gift. Helping women step into the wealthiest versions of themselves and because of this, I realize my work isn’t about me. It’s about the woman who needs to read this today and so I must show up even on the days when I’m not really feeling it because there is at least one woman in the world who needs to be reminded that on the off days, it’s just a test.

You are being cracked open to let light and all the things you desire in. You are being cracked open to release the things that you’re still holding on to that no longer serve you.

Reply to this and drop a ❤️ if this resonates, or you know someone you can share this message with today!

So much love to all of you!



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