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Why Is Everyone Talking About Their Human Design?

Have you heard about human design and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about? Well…I can tell you that having a reading that resonates with you can change your life! It did for me and with the countless women I work with.

The key though, is the integration and embodiment. Just receiving the information isn’t enough (and boy is it a lot of info that can be uncovered if you go down the rabbit hole!).

Human Design helps you remember who you are so you can learn to trust yourself completely.

Embodying your human design validates your next moves in life & helps you step into alignment in all areas of your life while claiming your birthright of prosperity that we are all born with!

Human design is your unfair advantage to allows money flow to move in your business and life with ease instead of the tightness of being on the hamster wheel and chasing another shiny “$30K in 30 days“ strategy.

Human design uncovers and gives you your EXACT life purpose and I’m not talking about some 70°, move 3 steps to the right of the sun ish.

I’m talking about THIS is your life purpose. Written out. AND this is how you were created to fulfill it.

To live a life in alignment. Balance. Freedom. Pleasure.

Without being overwhelmed feeling like you have to figure out ALL the things in life you THINK you should be doing.

Alignment is about simplicity in your life when it’s understood because you get to remove all the BS and limiting beliefs or money blocks you’ve learned from your parents, community, society.

You get to release all of that and get back to you.

The most prosperous version of yourself that’s been within you the entire time.

Over the next few weeks, I will uncover parts of your chart in this newsletter so that you can begin your human design if you haven’t already.

Please respond with any questions that you may have or topics you want me to cover. I read each and every one!

Be well, Be wealthy!

Joining me in the Moneymind? Over 11 days, I walk you through embodiment play and the key parts of your human design specifically tied to money so that you leave the Moneymind completely transformed!

In fact, these strategies for alignment and money flow are so spot on that if you don’t leave the Moneymind with some serious transformation, I will give you your money back! No questions asked!

Reach out if you have questions or go here to sign up!

Please share this with someone else you want to see win with their money story. The tide raises all boats! Let’s go!!

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