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Your Best Money-Attracting Tool…Surprise!

I was thinking…the holidays are the best times for us to talk about money. Whether you're buying gifts, dinner, or transpo to visit loved ones, odds are, you're spending some cash to do it right?

Holidays are also trigger points for us. Especially if you grew up in a household where it didn’t rain money BUT a lot of money was spent around the holidays a la keeping up with the Joneses.

So let's talk about your best money-attracting tool: You!

Your energetic setpoint (your most magnetic self) is your core soul energy.

The way you were born into the world is exactly the energy you need to succeed in life.<<~~~ read that again folks

But most of us picked up conditioning along the way from well-intentioned family, friends, mentors, society, and even ourselves (through comparisonitis and other self sabotaging things we've grown to tell ourselves).

So, if conditioning happened as early in life as the year we were born, how do we know our most magnetic energy?

Human Design!

We've already talked about it before but here's a breakdown of how your natural core energy was meant to be based on your Human Design definition.

First, everyone is magnetic, whether you're a powerhouse 9 center defined energy, a beautiful Reflector with no centers defined, or somewhere in between – you're magnetic (I have 6 defined centers btw).

Second, your definition is your point of magnetism, whether that's through the centers or simply just the gates.

Think about it. What's something you love to do that others also notice in you?

For people who have strong opinions, ever-churning minds, and brilliant strategies, you likely have a defined Ajna that people love to watch at work! Share this part of yourself more. It's magnetic.

For people who love with a warmth that fills the room, are there to lend a helping hand when someone needs it, and the person who's always working on the things they are absolutely obsessed with, you likely have a defined sacral! Share this part of yourself more. It's magnetic.

For people who are fluid in any area, but have very strong specific skills that dazzle and amaze your network, you're likely a Reflector with gates (i.e. skills) that light up around your friends, family, and coworkers!

What makes money drawn to you is the same thing you love about yourself and the same thing others love to experience through you.

Share these skills and talents and gifts with others more. Acknowledge them within yourself more. This is how you get to the flow.

This is your biggest tool to attracting more money – and it'll make your soul pretty happy too!

Be well, Be wealthy!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note is about the REAL money attraction in your human design & you may be surprised by the answer!

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