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Self Love & Your Human Design Continued…

The positive aspects of being ourselves, exactly as we were made to be, is just a piece of what is uncovered in our Human Design chart!

Continuing on our self love train this month, we're shifting our mindset around our energy for good because the goal is to move past that wretched "I'm not enough" resistance and remind yourself of why you're perfect exactly the way you are. Perfectly imperfect.

Last week we talked about how conditioning can sound in each undefined center. This week, we're going through the flip side of each center, whether you're defined or undefined.

Head Center: Defined

You are a powerhouse for questioning and finding answers to questions. The sheer clarity of your ideas is surprising to people around you! Annnd you're great at critical thinking and problem solving.

Head Center: Undefined

Your ability to run with an idea that someone else has is a force to be reckoned with Goddess! And you can also pick up on what others are thinking, making you seem psychic!

Ajna Center: Defined

Opinionated is something you've been told you are and that’s cool! It's a good thing. You make up your mind on what you believe and when you put your mind to it, you stick with it. You're able to change your mind if you find a reason to, but your mindset is usually set. When you get into the right mindset, it's easy to stay in it.

Ajna Center: Undefined

You're able to see multiple perspectives of the same concept. You like to remain unbiased and open-minded to see what happens and let it unfold. It's easier for you to step out of mindsets and change your mind, which makes switching beliefs and opinions easier to handle.

Throat Center: Defined

Your voice is here to communicate your energy. Whether that's your beliefs, emotions, experiences, desires, instincts, or movements, people love hearing you speak about your truth.

Throat Center: Undefined

Your voice is here to communicate the needs of the moment. Whether that's a collective opinion, perspectives, empathy for others, or amplifying the voice of others. When it feels right, it feels right. When it doesn't, you get to save your energy for those who will listen.

Identity Center: Defined

You know who you are and you show up as that person in every situation. You know where you're going in life and you're able to have fun along the way just being yourself. If you ever want to uplevel, all you need to do is decide that's who you are now.

Identity Center: Undefined

You're a chameleon! Every day, you get to reinvent yourself and become the person you want to be that day. Have fun with clothing, colors, makeup. Flow where life takes you, because it IS leading you to the right places. You'll get where you want to go, whether you know where that is or not.

Ego Center: Defined

You're a go-getter and you literally have the will to move a mountain! If you want it, you go get it, and you don't take no for an answer because your desires are meant for you. And when you have what you want, you're radiating with empowering energy that lifts the people around you.

Ego Center: Undefined

You love watching how materials and people rise. And you love when it happens to you! You're acutely aware of how the material world works and you get to have a blast just being a part of it, without proving anything to anyone or feeling like you're a part of the race. You get to win in ways that surprise and amaze you, and it requires less effort than you've imagined.

Emotional Center: Defined

You're an emotional person who can appreciate getting into the feels, without needing a reason! Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed… but a lot more times you can wake up on the right side of the bed, without even trying. You could spend a lifetime speaking about emotions and feelings, and you're the friend and family member that's always ready to listen and be a shoulder to cry on.

Emotional Center: Undefined

You're aware of every emotion happening in the room. You can pinpoint who it's coming from and how to help them through it. You're able to ride the emotions of others at will and this really helps when you're feeling down yourself! You're able to sense emotions so well that you can usually influence them, so you're a terrific lighthearted presence!

Sacral Center: Defined

Life-force emanates from you. When others need something done, you're the first person to offer help. You love getting things done and working with others on things you're interested in. When you're excited about something, everyone feels that excitement!

Sacral Center: Undefined

You're someone who loves contributing in your own way! You're not someone who loves jumping into the trenches, but you're someone who wants to observe and then help through guidance or solutions. Your best skills are when you can do less, and contribute more through your hands-off skills, like problem solving or critical thinking.

Splenic Center: Defined

You just KNOW when things are healthy or safe for you. Whether that's adventuring or exciting activities or just positively influencing your well-being. You know when something is off too, so don't hold back on your instinctual feelings. Instincts aren't always logical, but they're always right.

Splenic Center: Undefined

You can sense the health, safety, and well-being of the people and environments around you! You feel whether something is right or wrong, and it's not always logical. Don't worry about backing up your instincts for others with logic.

Root Center: Defined

You're ready to go, go, go! Ambition is your middle name… and first name… and last name. You're just ready to be there – wherever "there" is! And when you get there, you're ready to go again. This energy is very useful for upleveling and getting things in motion! Where some people have trouble starting, you definitely don't have any problem starting!

Root Center: Undefined

You're able to use the pressures around you as extra motivation to get things done. You may not always feel the internal drive to go to something new, but that doesn't bother you! You're able to take things slow, enjoy the process, look at the scenery, and you’ll still get to wherever you want to go on time.

No matter your energetic makeup, you're exactly who you were meant to be. Embrace it! Love yourself for every unique aspect of your personality and preferences.

And don't forget, these are only the centers and main energies…you still have so many more amazing qualities!

For all my fellow skimmers😁 today’s love note dives into the defined energy centers in your human design and how to reframe your perception of the energies to all positive…because it is! (In my opinion).

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